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Eyebrows only, $15.00

Eybrows with other waxing service or facial, $14.00

Lip, Chin, $9.00 each

Brow, Lip and Chin combo wax, $26.00

Lip, Chin with other waxing service or facial, $7.00 each

Men’s Unibrow, ear or nose. (yes, men do get this waxed), $12.00

Sides of face, $15.00

Entire Face, Lip, Chin, Brow combo, $32.00

Nape of neck, $11.00

Underarms, $15.00

Men’s Back, $30.00

Men’s Chest, $30.00

Arms (includes hands & fingers), $32.00

Half legs (both knee down and includes feet & toes), $27.00

Full legs (both includes feet & toes), $47.00

Bikini  (removal of hair outside of panty line), $27.00

French Bikini  (removal of more than bikini less than brazilian), $36.00

Brazilian (full removal of hair front to back), $55.00

Hands & Fingers, $8.00

Feet & Toes, $8.00 


Eyebrow tint, $13.00

Eyebrow tint with eyebrow wax, $25.00