Back Peel treatment to treat acne

$35.00, 30 minute treatment

This treatment is designed for those who suffer from back acne.  This treatment cleanses and exfoliates the back.  Then a 20% glycolic pumpkin enzyme mask is applied and left on up to 15 minutes to help surface and dry up the acne.  Additional acids maybe used or substituted depending on specific needs.  Extractions (removal/popping of pimples and blackheads) are optional and done at your request as part of this treatment.  For best result it is suggested this treatment be performed one week apart for 6 to 8 weeks or until desired results are met.

Paraffin feet and/or hand treatment

Additional Add-on to any Facial
Hands  $6.00   Feet   $10.00

This treatment is for the often forgotten but often over used feet or hands.   Hands or feet will be vigorously exfoliated and a deep hydration body butter will be applied.  The hands or feet are then covered with melted warm paraffin wax and insulated mitts/boots to hold in the heat. This warmth aids in relaxation of muscles as well as drives the moisture rich body butter into the skin to soften and nourish.   After resting for 10-20 minutes the wax will be removed and additional moisturized will be applied and massaged in

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